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In the present date, the craze of casinos is immense and you can find casinos wherever you go. The factor that encourages people to visit a casino is the various types of games they offer. Games like Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, and Slots are famous all over the world and they encourage more people to come to casinos to try their luck. Casinos are a great source of excitement and fun and have been going on for years now.


Today, numerous hotels are famous for their casinos and people visit those hotels just to witness the fun in the lavish casino. Also with fast internet and wifi all over there are online casinos that have come up so that people can enjoy the casino games sitting in their comfortable home environment and not visit the casinos in person. Here is a complete guide to casinos that will help you know a lot about casinos and casino games.


About Casinos


Casinos are a type of gambling facility. These are places where you can go, play games and gamble with your money. Casinos are generally built-in combinations with resorts, hotels, cruise ships, and so on. Casinos are built near hotels and resorts to increase their attraction and value. Various casinos are famous for hosting various live entertainment events like concerts and comedy shows as well. However, casinos are not a new trend.


Casinos and games of chances date back to ancient Romans and Greeks. There are numerous stories of ancient Romans, Greeks, french playing entertainment games of luck that invoiced money as well. The first-ever gambling house in Europe was the Ridotto that was established in 1638, in Venice. This was only operational in the time of carnival season but it was closed down in 1774 by the government.


In old America, gambling houses were known as saloons mainly in Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, and St. Louis. Travelers used to often come to saloons so that they can gamble and get drinks as well. Gambling became legal in Nevada in 1931 followed by Atlantic City in 1976.


Rising Casino Markets In Various Places


These are the major markets of casinos all over the world that revenue more than one billion dollars.


Macau: This autonomous region of the southern coast of China is one of the most famous gambling destinations for visitors. Macau has witnessed visitors from all over Hong Kong coming in just for the sake of gambling. The Venetian Hotel in Macau is currently considered to be the biggest casino all over the world.


Russia: Russia mainly has 4 legalized gambling zones. Those are the Siberian Coin in Altai, Azov-City in the Rostov Region, Primorie in the Primorsky region, and finally Yantarnaya in the Kaliningrad region. In 2009 in all the other regions of Russia, gambling was banned and marked as illegal. These four regions are the hub of gambling in Russia and people are constantly flying in and out of Russia to gamble in these places.


Singapore: Singapore is steadily becoming a gambling hub for people. However, there are only 2 casinos that are currently present in Singapore and are both owned by foreign owners. Marina Bay Sands is a 5-star hotel in Singapore that is said to be the world’s most high-priced standalone casino. The price of this casino is eight billion dollars.


United States: The United States is the country with the highest number of gambling plazas and casinos in the world. It stands at several over one thousand casinos in the present date. Las Vegas is the Paradise of gambling and has almost 144 casinos. Las Vegas ranks first based on the number of casinos as well as revenue, followed by New Jersey, Atlantic City, and Chicago. Las Vegas has revenue of 6.348 billion dollars.